Breakfast at Commonwood Manor

Served 8.30 am – 10 am (Winter), 8 am – 9.30 am (Summer)

Breakfast in our large airy dining room with views over the terrace, Looe river and the valley, are relaxed affairs, catering to all tastes. It’s a Cornish feast served up with a touch of Mediterranean class!

Wherever possible we use local suppliers to source our breads and pastries, meats, eggs and fresh fruits, but we rely on the Italians for some of our produce including carefully selected fresh coffee, cured meats and cheeses.

You can choose to breakfast in our glorious dining area, on the beautiful grand terrace overlooking the river, or within the peaceful setting of our gorgeous gardens.

We vary the produce according to the season, but the list below gives you an idea of what to expect:

Fresh fruit juices

Breads and pastries including pain au chocolat; pain au raisin; croissant; granary and white bread

Cornish butter, honey, preserves, English marmalade, Marmite and our delicious homemade jams

Italian coffee & a wide selection of teas

Cereals including granola/muesli/porridge

Smoked salmon platter

Soft fruits including blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, red and green grapes and redcurrants

Hard fruits including Cornish apples & pears

A selection of plain and fruit yoghurts

Italian & Cornish hams platter

French, Cornish and English cheese platter

Hot breakfast including Cornish Sausages, bacon, tomatoes and fresh free range eggs

Allergens and Dietary Requirements

If you suffer from an allergy of any type, please let us know. While we take every precaution to label all allergens in foods, this is not always possible, and we would hate to inadvertently cause any illness from ingredients not easily identified in dish names or descriptions. For instance, onion salt is often used as a natural preservative in some table sauces.